Photographer and graphic artist in various forms of media

3GRIT is the alias of photographer/graphic designer Jordan Vance. With a nod to the mundane his work focuses on everyday life, that which is not extraordinary. Having an affinity for subcultures on the fringes of society his work is heavily influenced by people and places some might as well just avoid on their way to whatever the trendy yuppie hangout of the moment is. A lover of letter styles and typefaces, much of the graphic design work revolves around letters in some way or another.


Wood-paneled dens in the midwest, faded 35 millimeter photographs of Black Sabbath shirt-wearing graffiti writers painting freights and longhairs bumping mid-nineties chopped 'n screwed mixtapes from lifted Toyota trucks on Appalachian back roads, VHS tracking lines, tube amps and stacks from the 70's playing heavy down-tuned riffs with incense burning channeling the ghost of Jimi Hendrix to cult followers chanting "drop out of life with bong in hand, follow the smoke toward the riff filled land", black metal, oranges and browns in the waning light of a fall evening while the smell of a bonfire permeates the haze.